Mar 13th, Murder Cum Laude

Another wonderful day at sea. A murder mystery dinner night in the Pinnacle Grill:

The Cast:

Left Venus Mantrap, Right Harriet Hamalot Nurdley

DSC_0115 (1280x850)

Agnes Crabapple

DSC_0070 (1280x850)

Left Nathan “Nate” Nurdley

DSC_0079 (1280x850)


DSC_0056 (1280x850)

Tonya flashoff

DSC_0068 (1280x850)

Jacques Strappe

DSC_0081 (1280x850)DSC_0084 (1026x1280)DSC_0085 (1072x1280)

Our Guest Donna

DSC_0092 (1280x850)

Fluffy Carlington

DSC_0097 (1280x850) (2)

Mario Testosteroni

DSC_0108 (1280x850)

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1 Response to Mar 13th, Murder Cum Laude

  1. Holly says:

    Ok, so who did it??!

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