Mar 12th, Hong Kong

Although it was a shopping me for me. I thought to myself why should you suffer with pictures of Nathan Rd. (A.K.A Neon Road). So here are a few of my favorite pictures from past Hong Kong Trips:


Our Ship next to Harbour City:

CIMG0883 (1280x853)

Hong Kong every night at 8PM has a light show:

Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0096 (1280x851)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0097 (1280x851)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0098 (1280x851)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0100 (1280x851)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0101 (1280x851)

Kowloon Park is an easy walk from the ship:

Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0110 (1280x851)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0112 (1280x851)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0113 (1280x851)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0114 (1280x851)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0115 (1280x851)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0116 (1280x851)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0117 (1280x851)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0119 (1280x851)

Victoria Harbor, is an attraction on its own:

Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0102 (1280x851)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0106 (1280x851)

So many things to so and do here, Hong Kong is always a fun place to stop:

Hong Kong Day 1 (32) (960x1280)Hong Kong Day 1 (33) (960x1280)Hong Kong Day 1 (40) (960x1280)Hong Kong Day 1 (46) (1280x960)Hong Kong Day 1 (48) (1280x906)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0099 (1280x851)Mar 4th Hong Kong Ship0105 (1280x851)

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2 Responses to Mar 12th, Hong Kong

  1. Holly says:

    The Victoria Harbor ones want me to play around with Photoshop and make them b&w. I love b&w water/boat scenes.

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