Galapagos Revisited

In Jan. 2013 took a overland trip to the Galapagos  Islands here are links to some of my favorite picture of each day:


Pictures of Santa Cruz Island

Pictures of Baltra Island

Picture of Bartolome Island

Picture of Guayaquil on our return to the ship

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Safari 2013 South Africa revisited

In April of 2013 several of us took an overland trip to South Africa, below are links my favorite picture from each day:


April 2nd

April 3rd

April 4th

April 5th

April 6th

April 7th

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Graduation HPS June 15th 2018

See pictures click here

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This site is under repair


As of 3/5/2018 this blog is and its web links are under repair.

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MS Koningsdam

It was the best 42 day stretch of my life the last 42 days I spent on the Koningdam. Jeff Farschman put it best in his blog “Loving MS Koningdam” when he said the following:

Today, I thought I would talk a little bit about the ms Koningsdam….  People who know me are probably surprised that I have gone on and on about how much I love this ship.  I am the most surprised of all….  I remember years ago when the World Voyage guests were given and introduction to the new class of ship and it’s first of its kind, the ms Koningsdam…  I was dismayed by the poor manners shown that day when a large number of guests booed as the ship was introduced.  As dismayed as I may have been, my private thoughts were that I would never sail on the ms Koningsdam because it is way too big for my taste… I could not have been more wrong!  This ship is magnificent in so many ways….  The service, food and entertainment is just fabulous!  My cabin stewards, Noor & Aji are two of the best that I have ever had.  My waiters Kadek & Eka, are just amazing.  Our assistant Matre’D, Daniel, is the consummate professional and there to meet any special needs.  Our Wine Steward Joseph again is just fabulous.   Everywhere we go, we are surrounded my exceptional crew.  In the Retreat where we spend most of our days, Jeffery, Socrates and Michael are there continuously spoiling us with pampered treatment. As far as nightlife, there are so many venues for entertainment that everyone can find something that meets their individual tastes.  The Front Office staff are always there to assist in any way they can, always with a smile…. So nice to see familiar faces there, Joyce & Abigale from previous World Voyages.  I just love the specialty restaurants, the Tamarind being my personal favorite.  We even had a President’s Club dinner there which was fantastic.  You can see me pictured there with Captain Bowland, wonderful guy….  A good Canadian! So, it is a big ship, but without the feel of a big ship.  I find it very comfortable, never feeling crowded!  I must say, starting the day on this ship is a wonderful experience….  Best shower I have ever experienced on any ship or in any hotel, none better!!!!  So, why do I love this ship?  I guess because it just feels right, so comfortable….  I feel like I’m at home here.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love the ms Amsterdam and that is the ship for World Voyages… for other, shorter voyages, this would be my ship of choice.  Just loving it!  Life is good….  Here I have presented 104 photos of the ship, fairly random and some of those amazing people I just talked about.  Enjoy! (End)

I would like to note at this writing of his blog he (Jeff) and I had not tried Sel de Mer Restuarant.


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Photo Slide Shows of the 2017 Grand World Voyage

Thank you Bob & Judy Voorneveld, for the time and effort you put into your blog: .


Without which these video slide shows would not have been possible.

Segment 1:                                                Segment 2:

Seg 1 4 Blog        Seg 2 4 blog

Segment 3:                                                Segment 4: (Added 7/7/2017)


Seg 3 4 blog    Seg 4 for blog

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Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Our 2nd stop on the 2017 World Cruise, Puntarenas, Costa Rica:

Port 2 a


The last time I stopped here we took a river boat tour, click below to see the pictures

Click for more pictures

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