Feb 19th, Pago Pago

Pago Pago, still beautiful. But the tsunami of 2009 still has the Island in recovery mode.

HLM_9724 (1280x941)HLM_9779 (1280x837)CIMG0439 (1280x819)HLM_9701 (1280x850)HLM_9717 (1280x828)HLM_9723 (1280x850)HLM_9728 (1280x850)HLM_9732 (1280x850)HLM_9733 (1280x850)HLM_9736 (1280x850)HLM_9740 (1280x851)HLM_9741 (1280x839)HLM_9777 (1280x830)HLM_9788 (1280x740)

Or departure was breath taking:HLM_9818 Stitch (1280x240)

Mid day I went into the spa for a hair cut, in port they are only $11.00. CIMG0446 (1280x853)CIMG0449 (1280x853)

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