Feb 18th, Master Chef Dinner

Last night we had dinner in the Pinnacle Grill. It was a very special dinner as it was restricted to 25 people and would only be held once. The cruise line’s Master Chef Rudi Sodamin planned this “Grand Royal” seven course dinner with wine pairing.

CIMG0429 (1215x1280)CIMG0431 (1091x1280)

The evening started with cocktails and we all met Rudi, before he went off to complete the dinner.

CIMG0393 (1280x943)CIMG0394 (947x1280)CIMG0395 (957x1280)CIMG0396 (939x1280)CIMG0397 (1280x957)CIMG0398 (1280x916)CIMG0399 (1280x959)CIMG0400 (1280x956)CIMG0401 (1280x904)CIMG0402 (1280x947)CIMG0403 (1280x960)CIMG0404 (1280x944)

Dinner and wine was very good and the Versace China was amazing:

CIMG0405 (1280x955)CIMG0406 (1280x954)CIMG0407 (1280x928)CIMG0408 (1280x904)CIMG0409 (1280x950)CIMG0410 (1280x925)CIMG0411 (925x1280)CIMG0412 (1280x893)CIMG0413 (1280x947)CIMG0414 (1280x960)CIMG0416 (930x1280)CIMG0417 (1280x960)CIMG0418 (948x1280)CIMG0421 (1280x923)CIMG0424 (829x1280)CIMG0425 (1280x853)CIMG0426 (1280x853)CIMG0427 (1280x809)

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