Mar 12th Hong Kong


On way back from Stanley Market.


Second Hilo tour:

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2 Responses to Mar 12th Hong Kong

  1. Jean MacLean says:

    Brad & Gloria …

    What a huge difference an aerial view makes of all the high rise buildings in Hong Kong … amazing! Totally enjoyed the close up of the apartments complex after complex!!!
    The tour of the Hilo office / museum was so unique.

    Loved the Teddy Bears they must change the decorations in the small plaza often. The tour of the veggies, fruit & fish very colorful!

    As usual you have taken me along with you and I’m enjoying the blog!
    THANKS …
    Luv’n Hugs to you both,

  2. Sandy Lerhto says:

    Wow what a view of Hong Kong. It was breathtaking I did not realize they had all those high rises. An earthquake could do dome serious damage to the city. Thanks for the tour.

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