Feb 7th, Auckland NZ

We took the Auckland Explorer (Hop On, Hop Off) bus today. This one hour loop takes you to the 14 Big attractions in Auckland. We got off at the Auckland Museum, while there we met a very nice lady “Paulette” and she gave us each a ticket to get into the Museum. She and her mates are shown below (Paulette is stage left). Just want to say thank you to her and her mates for the wonderful time we had in the Museum.

DSC_7743 (1280x832)

Just want to say thank her and her mates for the wonderful time we had in the Museum. And share some of the amazing things we saw:

Here are just a few of the sites we saw during our drive around the city:

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3 Responses to Feb 7th, Auckland NZ

  1. jyetke says:

    Thanks for the great photos. I see Gloria found a new mate, Mr. Penguin. Have fun!! We miss you!!!

  2. Holly says:

    I have several apothecary jars like the ones with the flat tops and labels that I don’t understand what was inside! Haven’t ever seen the round tops or green ones before. Loved the stained glass, what work went into those and that they’re still in 1 piece is amazing. And all the wood carving. Holy smokes. But it is beautiful and I’m glad the museum was able to secure and preserve so many pieces.

  3. Sandra Lehto says:

    What an amazing museum would love to see it one of these days…. Nice of Paulette and her mates to give you tickets, what an act of kindness, nice to see this gesture is global.

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