Feb 9, At sea formal night

Last night was formal night with a decorated dining room. Our approach to the south seas gave way to Captain Blyth and the Bounty, complete with long coats and masts & sails.

Formal Cpt Blye  (6) (1280x947)Formal Cpt Blye  (3) (960x1280)Formal Cpt Blye  (8) (935x1280)Formal Cpt Blye  (7) (893x1280)

In year past we have spent the hour before dinner in the Ocean Bar. This year with the introduction of Debby Bacon (www.debbybacon.com) in the Piano Bar we are now spending our pre-dinner hour listening to her. And if I must say see is amazing! She sings, plays the piano, clarinet and two different Saxophones. And as you can see below she is beautiful. Add the wonderful personality and with out a doubt she is a complete entertainment package.

Formal Cpt Blye  (2) (1280x960)

Our dinner table pictured below, seated Gloria and Sandy, standing L-R is Stefan (Shops Manager and our host for the evening), Maude (Best Waiter on the planet), Me, Danny (assistant waiter), Jeff, Grace, Mike and Janet.

Formal Cpt Blye  (10) (1280x959)

Foot Note: Today was a first for me. The Captain sent me a person note. I happened to bring some flavored coffee creamers that had a little sugar in them. I decided I should not use them and found out that the captain liked them. So I left them at the front desk for him. This was his response:

001 (994x1280)

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1 Response to Feb 9, At sea formal night

  1. Ellie Matthew says:

    How thoughtful of you and what a nice note the captain wrote. Everyone always looks so lovely all dressed o the nines!

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