Update February 2016 – View to 2017

It has been a while since we lasted posted on this blog, but rest assured it  is not because we have not been busy working on crafts, visit us on We Teach Crafts.

We hope to see you all on the 2017 World Cruise

Note: This update does  not imply in any way that we will be teaching crafts on the 2017 World Cruise. However if we are lucky enough to be selected. These are the Greeting Card crafts we will be bringing: (Click Here)

Stand by for future posting of the Jewelry and Things categories.

About mrvideo1949

Cruising my retirement!
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2 Responses to Update February 2016 – View to 2017

  1. penny kelly says:

    Brad, Hope you are feeling much better. Hope to see you in 2017 whatever you are doing. Am trying to move to Dunedin FL. before June. Calif. has gotten tooooo expense to live and sail.
    Most of my friends live in Florida now.

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