Jakarta, Indonesia

As promised there was lots of traffic, we took a ships private tour. This time I will just say it did not meet our expectations. To some the day up it was 8 hour very hot van ride with little time to get out and stretch, let alone take any pictures. However because we were stopped in traffic so much of the day I did get a few pictures from the van.


Todays Pictures.

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  1. Sandy Lehto says:

    I was sent to Bandung Indonesia for 6 weeks with U S WEST. We went to Jakarta for a Thanksgiving dinner a gift from our District Manager. I did not have very fond memories of it either. Looks like life is about the same. I did not take tyhe ex-pat assignment because of the living conditions so dirty and you could not eat much because of serious bacteria in the grown vegetables.
    Thanks for the memories… and for taking all of us following you on a tour. Love it.
    Sandy Lehto

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