Handler is missed

For those of you that do not know them Leslie and Handler had to leave the ship two days early in Shanghai, due to heath issues. Needless to say we miss them at the table and on the ship and want them to know they are missed:

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5 Responses to Handler is missed

  1. jackmaggie says:

    Very nice. When do you get home?

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  2. Ellie says:

    How thoughtful and clever to do this for “Handler”!

  3. Sandy Lehto says:

    Such a nice gesture It seems like all the passengers and crew are one big family.. Very thoughtful. Hope Handler is doing well…

  4. Kit King says:

    What a wonderful thing to do for Leslie and Handler. Thanks. –Kit King (Leslie’s sister)

  5. Janice Yetke says:

    Thanks for doing this for Handler, Brad and Gloria!!! And thanks for letting us know that he needs our good thoughts and prayers sent to him and Leslie. Hope he is doing better!!!

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