Shanghai, China

Went on tour, arranged by Jeff:

8:30 am pick up at the gate of the port, french quarter: park with local morning activities villa and mansion area shanghai old neighborhood and local fresh market old town – yu yuan garden, bazaar, zigzagging bridge lunch at the area around old town local flower and pet market head to water village zhujiajiao tour in the town as well as private boat ride. Driving passing the bund with the opposite view of the modern side of Shanghai get back to port around 7:00pm.

And here are the pictures:

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3 Responses to Shanghai, China

  1. June says:

    Thanks so much for the blog and photos. I am loving yours and Jeff’s photo of your travels. The picture taken in Shanghai of the woman and Gloria dancing is priceless. I loved the expressions on their faces. I hope your craft classes continue to go well.


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  2. kathrynone says:

    Brad, Did you notice the cat with the curly ears? There are at least 2 cat breeds that have curly ears. I know that those cat breeds was purposely bred to have that feature in them as well as other features.

  3. Carrie says:

    Great pictures Brad! I like the ones of Gloria & the woman dancing as well. Thanks for posting!

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