Black and Silver Ball

What a wonderful sea day, Arts and Crafts classes went very well. The Black and Silver Ball was beautiful. You can see pictures on these two blogs:

and Jeff’s Blog

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2 Responses to Black and Silver Ball

  1. says:

    Awesome, guys!!! We are loving all these photos, BUT really missing being there with you all!!
    Surely HOPE all these people will be on the WC 2014!!!
    Give all our friends our love please!!! We miss you all!!! Jan and Dick

  2. jackmaggie says:

    I finally took a look at weteachcrafts. A great Job! And a good base for further additions. Most of it looks doable and fun as well as resulting in a craft you would keep. Keep up the good work and when you get a chance direct e-mail me and let me know how it is working out.



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