Apr 29th Planning Begins

As this years World Cruise draws to a close we find ourselves in the planning stag for the 2014 World Voyage:

4-29-2013 4-53-57 PM

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Cruising my retirement!
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5 Responses to Apr 29th Planning Begins

  1. Jean MacLean says:

    Brad & Gloria …
    Can’t wait to chat with you in the planning of 2014!!
    Smooth sailing home … THANKS for all the AWESOME photos … bringing back many memories!

  2. judyann1968@hotmail.com says:

    And so the planning begins. We have several tours reserved.

  3. Sandy Lehto says:

    I imagine it will take a while till you get your land legs again? Have you sailed to the Baltic sea areas? Welcome back home and let the 2014 planning begin!!! I really enjoyed the pictures and felt like I was along with you thanks for sharing your adventure.

  4. Holly says:

    It’s been so much fun once again to be a travel companion, hate that it has to end. Looking forward to our next trip! Love you.

  5. Julie Vick says:

    My husband and I will be on the 2014 World Cruise…..we booked Machu Pechu and Great Wall excursions already. We would love to talk/Skype with anyone who has been on previous WC to get ideas. Thanks! jvick@frontiernet.net

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