Jan 29th Bora Bora

I can see why so many people come to this magical place. Although the cost for everything is very high. You almost get the since it is worth it to share this little bit of Paradise. Today after sail-in I went of a snorkel tour, where we saw sharks, rays and lots of fish. Then had the most amazing lunch on a private section of beach. Because this was a very spectacular tour I wanted to share the information:

Patrick’s Tour Company, email: patrick.bora@mail.pf, Phone: 689 791-911

Here are my sail-in photos:

I did not take my camera on the tour and should have. However Jeff did and I told him I was going to share his photos with you today, check them out here Jeff’s Amazing Blog

Dinner was also amazing last night in the Pinnacle again for yet another theme night:

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1 Response to Jan 29th Bora Bora

  1. jyetke says:

    Thanks for sharing the tour company. Wonder if that is the same one we used last year. Anyway, will keep it in my files. Yes, Jeff’s photos are gorgeous!!! Those sharks, rays, and fish look the same as the ones we saw last year. Hahaha!!! Looks like it was a very good French dinner.
    Take care and thanks for sharing. We miss you all!!!!

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