Jan 26th, Wine Tasting

Wow what a difference a year makes. Many of us are back again to the Premium Wine tasting. For most of us I can say we miss Ingo. Todays session left us all wondering if we might not attend any more. Matt the new Cellar Master did a poor job of explaining the wines. In fact at one point I was not sure if he was explaining the foods rather then the wines. We never saw the bottles or labels, which to most of us is an extreme no, no. All the wines had been poured when we arrived. So anything could have been in the glasses. Mind you I am not saying that was the case. But pour the wine in front of us. Here are the wines we had:

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4 Responses to Jan 26th, Wine Tasting

  1. Jan Yetke says:

    Hmmmmmmmm, Brad? Very interesting. What happened to Ingo? Is he not sailing any longer or just got assigned to another ship or what? I think that it took us a while to get to know him but once we all figured him out and he us, he was GREAT!!! I think we all liked him. Well, hope this Cellar Master gets better this cruise. Jan and Dick

  2. Holly says:

    Oh my. Even I’m disappointed…

  3. Jean MacLean says:

    WELL … I had been waiting to hear if Ingo was on the ship.
    VERY SAD indeed, as Ingo had many innovating ideas of making wine tasting fun! Can’t believe HAL can’t see they should have a truly skilled in his field & liked manager for world sailings.
    Maybe if enough of us petition HAL in Seattle INGO will be back on the 2014 World Cruise. I for one would be happy to see him once again!!!

    Brad & Gloria sure miss you … thanks so much for all the time that goes into the blog!

    Luv’n Hugs,

  4. Ingo Jagnow says:

    oops,….yep,…i am still alive,….now in Manila for vacation and I have seen some of you, when my wife Medeliene and me visited the AMDM in March,….I am very humbled by all of your nice words,…YEAH – we had FUN! Remember the tasting down in the Provision Area? At first I wanted to get coveralls from the Engineers for all of you,…oily and greasy,….LOL – Henk and Shiv talked me out of it! Miss you all a lot and hope to see you all soon! Yours, Ingo

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