Jan 21st, Easter Island

We made it again. I am never sure how, the crew has to works so very hard to get us there and back. It is always an amazing place to visit. On a sad note the ship seemed show a disrespect for the 4 & 5 Star Mariner this morning. Only 6 of us were put on the first passenger tender with the HAL Shore Tour group. I am not sure why they did not let more board, there was room on the tender.

Easter Island, known in the native language as Rapa Nui (Big Rapa). It is isolated in the Pacific Ocean, its nearest neighbor is Pitcairn some 1290 miles away. But always wonderful to see, take a look:

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2 Responses to Jan 21st, Easter Island

  1. Pamela Quiroz says:

    HI Brad, Love the pictures! Pam Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 12:59:46 +0000 To: pgquiroz@hotmail.com

  2. Great photos! I am so glad you made it to Easter Island as I am sure that that several other Captains might have cancelled the port call because of the difficulty of getting people safely aboard the tenders.

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