World Cruise 2013 1st blog from the ship

OMG two full days at sea already, I am just getting my first blog from the ship posted. Our embarkation day (Jan 5th) was long. The four hour drive, three hours of shopping with friends Jeff and Corrine, then the longest security/embark process ever all made getting on the ship a very long process. Then of course we had our nineteen bags to unpack. Yep we had to get all this unpacked and stored in our stateroom:

DSC_3807 (1280x848)

Our first full day at sea we attend the HAL Facebook meet and greet. Always nice to put faces to names. Today we had our Cruise Critic meet and greet. It was by far the biggest of a full World Cruise to date. Many new faces but happy to say lots of friends in attendance. We even had time for a movie before getting ready of our first formal evening on the ship.

DSC_3816 (1280x848)

The captains welcome aboard party was packed for the main setting guests and the officers were introduced.

Our dinner table was hosted by Julie the Human Resources Officer:

DSC_3855 (1280x848)

L-R Gloria, Julie, Margo, Corrine, Sandy, Grace, Me, Harry and Jeff.

The dining room as you can see above and below was decorated with the flags of the World.

DSC_3857 (1280x848)

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8 Responses to World Cruise 2013 1st blog from the ship

  1. Sandy Lehto says:

    I could never go on a world cruise I don’t have enough luggage!!!!.. You must have been exhausted when you finally got through unpacking and settled in your cabin. Now you have 100 days to rest up…..

  2. Jan Yetke says:

    Thanks for the blog!!! Great photos!!! Loved seeing all our friends and our “home” most winters. Surely miss you all this year!!!

  3. Jean MacLean says:

    THANKS … I was beginning to worry! Good to see your smiling faces!

  4. Bill Gooden says:


    Thanks for the photo of all those familiar faces. Say hi to the gang for us. Have a great voyage, and we will be following your adventures.

    Bill and Carolyn

  5. janeygilkey says:

    Thanks Great pix what about more Best Janey

  6. Looking forward to Jan 2014! Hope to travel a bit more lightly than 19 bags! Who do you ask to learn how to travel with far fewer? Where do you store everything?

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