Cabin Assignment for 2013 World Cruise


Cabin Assignment is 2616 for the 2013 World Cruise. One very happy camper.


The following explains our Itinerary and the Port Agents where letters and packages can be sent prior to our arrival date.

Port Agents Cover 001

Port agents one 001

Port Agent one a 001

Just for fun I have posted the special packages we were offered for this World Cruise:


For those wishing to know where on the ship 2016 is:


Room layout:

2016 layout

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Cruising my retirement!
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4 Responses to Cabin Assignment for 2013 World Cruise

  1. jyetke says:

    Wow, great!!! Right in the middle of the ship!!! Can’t get much better than that!! Enjoy!!! We’ll miss you but will look forward to your posts here!!!

  2. Angie Koper says:

    nice location and right across from the laundry room

  3. Mary McNerney says:

    Sooo very happy for you…enjoy every minute…
    Missed you today at the birthday gathering…..

  4. Holly says:

    Thanks for posting the ‘just for fun’ stuff too. I keep learning more and more about cruises from you and I really appreciate it!

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