Tracy Arm

Sun came out for us and I got some fair photos:

DSC_0905 Stitch (1280x290)DSC_0917 (1280x847)DSC_0880 (1280x838)DSC_0901 (1280x837)DSC_0899 (1280x847)DSC_0885 (1280x848)DSC_0884 (1280x848)DSC_0880 (1280x838) (2)DSC_0879 (1280x831)DSC_0880 (1280x838)DSC_0853 (1280x848)DSC_0851 (1280x824)DSC_0848 (1280x841)DSC_0845 (1280x848)DSC_0831 (1280x848)DSC_0829 (1280x848)DSC_0824 (1280x839)DSC_0823 (1280x823)DSC_0820 (1280x847)DSC_0793 (848x1280)DSC_0795 (832x1280)DSC_0799 (1280x847)DSC_0792 (1280x848)DSC_0786 (1280x843)DSC_0782 (1280x838)DSC_0781 (1280x846)DSC_0780 (1280x837)DSC_0779 (1280x848)DSC_0771 (1280x846)DSC_0762 (1280x845)DSC_0761 (1280x616)DSC_0749 (1280x831)DSC_0740 (1280x843)DSC_0739 (1280x846)

Gloria received her 500 day Gold Medal:

DSC_0734 (1280x848)DSC_0732 (1280x848)

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4 Responses to Tracy Arm

  1. Ellie says:

    Hope it was memorable for Gloria

  2. Sandy Lehto says:

    Congratulations Gloria….. You have a wonderful life and many great adventures thanks for sharing them with me.

  3. Bill Gooden says:

    Congratulations on your Gold Metal. An Olympian achievement! We are so glad we got to spend about 30 of those days with you and Brad. We continue to enjoy you guys through Brad’s photos and journal. Looking forward to more.

    Bill and Carolyn

  4. jesusan says:

    Loved seeing that Tracy Arms seals are still there littering the icebergs!
    Susan Stone (2012 world cruise)

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