Today at Gaylord Palms

I took these at Gaylord Palms today:

DSC_0286 (1280x834)DSC_0283 (1280x848)DSC_0279 (1280x848)DSC_0275 (1280x784)DSC_0272 (1280x705)DSC_0271 (1280x848)DSC_0267 (1280x733)DSC_0263 (1280x813)DSC_0261 (1280x780)DSC_0258 (1280x848)DSC_0251 (1280x848)DSC_0250 (1280x837)DSC_0248 (1280x846)DSC_0246 (1280x836)DSC_0243 (848x1280)DSC_0239 (1280x848)DSC_0236 (846x1280)DSC_0232 (1280x846)DSC_0231 (1280x828)DSC_0229 (1280x843)DSC_0228 (1280x830)DSC_0226 (1280x840)DSC_0224 (1280x848)DSC_0222 (1280x848)DSC_0220 (1280x824)

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2 Responses to Today at Gaylord Palms

  1. jyetke says:

    Where is Gaylord Palms? Fabulous photos!!!

  2. Ellie Matthew says:

    I can never get enough of the flowers – great photos. I noticed the horns on the vehicle – did you get a new ride??

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