Apr 27th, At Sea

Today is our last full day before we disembark in Fort Lauderdale. There are many things I could blog about today, the last wine tasting, but I am sure you have had enough of that. I could blog about the wonderful cocktail party we are invited to in the Penthouse Suite, but again that is more about drinking. So I decided to share the Black & Gold Ball Decorations in the La Fontaine, the Black & Gold Masks we were given for the Black & Gold Ball and last but not not least the Showtime Entertainment Summary for the full 2012 World Cruise:

CIMG1551 (1280x853)CIMG1550 (1280x853)CIMG1549 (1280x853)CIMG1548 (1280x853)CIMG1547 (1280x853)CIMG1544 (984x1280)CIMG1545 (1151x1280)

I know you will understand that I will not be blogging for a bit, have to unpack, work on my next World Cruise Photo Book and start planning tours for the 2013 World Cruise, yep in eight months I start this all over again. However between now and January I do have a few side trips planned and a Alaska Cruise. If you do not want to miss my posts I suggest you subscribe to this blog. Then you will get an email when I do post new information or not your choice. Bye for this cruise…………..

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4 Responses to Apr 27th, At Sea

  1. Ellie Matthew says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventures and photos – have a safe trip home (isn’t unpacking a girl job?).

  2. Holly says:

    It’s been so much fun reading about your on ship and off ship adventures. I really, really appreciate all the time you’ve taken to take us along! Much love, Holly (and Joe too)

  3. Judy says:

    Hi Brad, Looking at your blog while waiting for a room in the Element before flying home tomorrow. So Mike and I are reliving memories. So good to get to know you. Judy

  4. Tatyahna says:

    Hi Bradley!
    Would love to interview you for CruiseWise’s blog. Feel free to shoot me an email if you’re interested in sharing some tips and tricks to cruising and what it’s like to be a world cruiser.


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