Apr 25th, At Sea

Today was the guest Talent Show and it was pretty good. The talent was, a couple that did a very cute spoof on the cruise with lyrics they wrote themselves to a well know sound track:

HLM_3598 (1280x850)HLM_3602 (1280x850)HLM_3599 (1280x850)

The lady below had written a very lovely poem about the port, and the ship.

HLM_3635 (1280x850)

The next lady (we have seen her before) does birds whistles and does them with great skill.

HLM_3640 (1280x850)

The guy below sang and had a very pleasant voice.

HLM_3646 (1280x850)

Then the lady below told jokes and was better then most the comedians this trip.

HLM_3654 (1280x850)

Last was the HAL Corral and they did a very nice medley:

HLM_3720 Stitch (1280x755)

Just before was my last wine premium wine tasting:

CIMG1523 (853x1280)CIMG1533 (853x1280)

CIMG1521 (853x1280)CIMG1538 (853x1280)CIMG1526 (1280x853)CIMG1527 (1280x853)CIMG1529 (853x1280)CIMG1539 (805x1280)

CIMG1530 (853x1280)CIMG1540

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