Apr 24th, At Sea

After dinner this evening they had a Dessert Extravaganza out by the Lido pool:

Bread Art, Ice Carvings, Chocolates, Cakes, Pies, Oh My

DSC_0001 (1280x846)DSC_0002 (1280x830)DSC_0003 (1280x844)DSC_0004 (1280x836)DSC_0005 (1280x828)DSC_0006 (1280x850)DSC_0008 (1280x850)DSC_0009 (1280x831)DSC_0010 (1280x850)DSC_0011 (1280x844)DSC_0012 (1280x850)DSC_0013 (1280x808)DSC_0015 (1280x850)DSC_0007 (850x1280)DSC_0014 (824x1280)DSC_0016 (1280x828)DSC_0017 (1280x850)DSC_0018 (850x1280)DSC_0020 (834x1280)DSC_0019 (1280x786)DSC_0021 (850x1280)DSC_0022 (833x1280)

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1 Response to Apr 24th, At Sea

  1. Ellie Matthew says:

    Oh my does not say enough

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