Apr 17th, At sea

Last night was our dinner at the Chef’s Table with Executive Chef Bernie Rius. We had done this dinner before. It is normally prepared for 6 guests (7 this time) and served at a table in the heart of the kitchen at the height of the dinner hour:

CIMG1470 (996x1280)

We met for cocktails before and mingled, got to know each other a little:CIMG1375 (1280x853)(L-R Lineca, Aart, Ellen, Me, Gloria, Rich, Margret)

Then we were escorted into the kitchen for a private tour and introductions with each food stations’ sous chefs and then Bernie at our table for the night.CIMG1417 (1280x853) 

The table setting was beautiful:

CIMG1391 (1280x853)CIMG1392 (1280x853)

Each and every course was, well they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so here you go:

CIMG1396 (2) (1280x209)CIMG1399 (1280x827)CIMG1396 (3) (1280x198)CIMG1401 (1280x796)CIMG1396 (4) (1280x212)CIMG1402 (1280x853)CIMG1396 (5) (1280x181)CIMG1406 (1280x775)CIMG1396 (6) (1280x215)CIMG1412 (1280x851)CIMG1396 (7) (1280x269)CIMG1442 (1280x840)CIMG1396 (8) (1280x249)CIMG1453 (1280x827)

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2 Responses to Apr 17th, At sea

  1. Ellie Matthew says:

    Your food and pictures are much more elaborate and prettier than mine. Show Off!

  2. Holly says:

    Once again you’ve caused me to gain weight!

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