Apr 12th, Messina Italy

Wow just the sail in was worth the stop here. We navigated the Strait of Messina between the Northeast part of Sicily and the toe of Southern Italy.

CIMG1206 (1010x1280)

Views from the ship were spectacular:

HLM_3434 (1280x848)HLM_3438 (1280x849)HLM_3439 (1280x844)HLM_3442 (1280x846)HLM_3443 (846x1280)HLM_3445 (842x1280)HLM_3446 (1280x849)HLM_3455 Stitch c (1280x479)HLM_3459 Stitch b (2) (1280x509)HLM_3459 Stitch b (1280x1103)HLM_3464 (835x1280)HLM_3465 (1280x848)HLM_3466 (1280x831)

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1 Response to Apr 12th, Messina Italy

  1. Holly says:

    WOW – if these were just from the ship, I can’t wait to see once you get off the ship and explore!

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