Apr 8th, Easter Sunday, At sea

Highlight of the day is sure to be the the Grand Easter Buffet. The food art was amazing and of course the food was great.

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2 Responses to Apr 8th, Easter Sunday, At sea

  1. Holly says:

    HOLY SMOKES!! I can’t even imagine how long it took the staff to create that feast. Do they offer classes on how they make some of the items? They are all so wonderful to look at, I’d think it would be hard to take a piece or a dozen and eat them.

  2. Colleen Powis says:

    OMG!!! WOW! The food sculptures are just amazing!!!I know they teach it all in Asia. Such a feast, for the body and the eyes, were would one start!!!! The choice is just too much! Thanks Brad for the wonderful photos, makes the rest of us wonder ” whats for dinner!”
    Safe sailing.

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