Apr 5th, Luxor

A long drive last night and the light show got us to bed late. We were up at 4:30 a.m. to start our very long day. Lots to see and we started off with a boat ride to the east side of the Nile.

DSC_0100 (1280x850)

A short van ride later we were at the launch site for our morning Hot Air Balloon ride over some amazing sites:

DSC_0107 (1280x850)DSC_0112 (1280x850)DSC_0120 (1280x850)DSC_0130 (1280x850)DSC_0162 (1280x850)DSC_0170 (1280x850)DSC_0173 (1280x810)DSC_0182 (1280x850)DSC_0185 (1280x844)DSC_0195 (1280x790)DSC_0205 (1280x850)HLM_3022 (850x1280)HLM_3023 (1280x850)HLM_3027 (1280x850)HLM_3031 (1280x848)HLM_3035 (1280x849)HLM_3040 (1280x842)HLM_3045 (1280x838)HLM_3051 (850x1280)HLM_3056 (847x1280)HLM_3060 (1280x807)HLM_3068 (1280x834)HLM_3083 (1280x817)HLM_3088 (1280x808)HLM_3096 (711x1280)HLM_3117 (1280x772)HLM_3121 (1280x850)HLM_3124 (1280x793)HLM_3125 (1280x774)HLM_3137 (1280x824)HLM_3143 (1280x848)HLM_3145 (1280x850)HLM_3156 (1280x794)HLM_3160 (1280x801)HLM_3162 (1280x805)HLM_3163 (1280x850)HLM_3166 (1280x823)HLM_3173 (1280x797)HLM_3175 (1280x848)HLM_3183 (1280x830)

After we drove to many of the temples we had flown over and took photos of what had to be an amazing culture:

The Colossi of Memnon:

DSC_0101 (1280x849)DSC_0231 (1280x754)DSC_0241 (1280x850)DSC_0242 (1280x850)


Hatsheput Temple:

DSC_0285 (850x1280)DSC_0293 (850x1280)DSC_0294 (1280x850)DSC_0295 (1280x850)DSC_0296 (1280x847)DSC_0315 (850x1280)DSC_0316 (850x1280)DSC_0320 (850x1280)DSC_0322 (1280x829)DSC_0326 (850x1280)DSC_0328 (1280x805)DSC_0333 (850x1280)DSC_0338 (850x1280)DSC_0266 (1280x849)

Ramses the III Temple

DSC_0367 (1280x850)DSC_0368 (1280x850)DSC_0380 (850x1280)DSC_0391 (1280x850)DSC_0395 (1280x850)DSC_0397 (807x1280)DSC_0401 (848x1280)DSC_0413 (1280x757)DSC_0424 (850x1280)DSC_0438 (1280x850)DSC_0449 (1280x848)DSC_0459 (1280x850)DSC_0478 (834x1280)DSC_0480 (850x1280)DSC_0485 (1280x850)DSC_0487 (1280x850)DSC_0489 (1280x850)DSC_0490 (1280x850)DSC_0491 (1280x850)DSC_0494 (1280x850)DSC_0495 (850x1280)

Karnak Temple:

DSC_0501 (1280x850)DSC_0514 (1280x835)DSC_0525 (803x1280)DSC_0532 (850x1280)DSC_0528 (1280x829)DSC_0539 (850x1280)DSC_0540 (850x1280)DSC_0548 (1280x796)DSC_0549 (812x1280)DSC_0551 (848x1280)DSC_0552 (850x1280)DSC_0555 (1280x834)

Luxor Temple:

DSC_0582 (1280x829)DSC_0593 (1280x849)DSC_0596 (1280x850)DSC_0609 (1280x837)DSC_0611 (1280x826)DSC_0612 (1280x850)DSC_0613 (1280x834)DSC_0614 (1280x801)DSC_0617 (1280x850)DSC_0618 (1280x850)DSC_0619 (1280x850)

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2 Responses to Apr 5th, Luxor

  1. Holly says:

    FABULOUS!! As always thank you for taking us along with you!!

  2. Sandra Lehto says:

    I was there in 1989 I was enchanted by all the ruins and temples. I will never forget the trip. Thanks fpr letting me take a stroll down memory lane. Love your posts look forward to them !!!!
    Sandy lehto

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