Apr 3rd, At Sea

Last night we ate at Le Cirque, well not really. As you might have guessed we are in the middle of the Red Sea and going the actual Le Cirque in New York would be impossible. However Holland America in collaboration with the famed Le Cirque has teamed to create an evening at Le Cirque without leaving the ship. The meal was wonderful and we were joined by two lovely couples, Dave and Shirley Hartley a couple we met early in the cruise from Maui, HI. and Jan and Dick Yetke, friends from 2007 and 2010 World Cruises, they live in Chicago, IL.

We enjoyed 3 exceptional bottles of wine, the Sparkling Blanc De Blanc, was a gift from the Christel, the Guest Services Manager, the Darighe was a gift to Jan from the Mariners Club Director, and the Norton Malbec was a gift to us from Ingo, the Cellar Master:

dinner  (3) (853x1280)dinner  (2) (853x1280)dinner  (1) (853x1280)

The food was outstanding and the place settings were delightful as always:

dinner  (11) (1280x853)

And the ships flowers for the Holly Week are amazing:

dinner  (4) (853x1280)dinner  (5) (853x1280)dinner  (6) (853x1280)dinner  (7) (853x1280)dinner  (8) (853x1280)dinner  (9) (853x1280)dinner  (10) (853x1280)

Lots of other fun stuff went on during the day and you can read about it on Jeff’s blog: http://amazingvoyages2.blogspot.com/2012/04/day-119-at-sea.html?spref=fb

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  1. Ellie Matthew says:

    Beautiful Flowers

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