Mar 28th, Mumbai India

We went out and shopped today, not real interesting for the blog. So for my readers I have put together a collage of my friend Jeff Farschman’s photos:

Mumbai Day 1  (1)Mumbai Day 1  (2)Mumbai Day 1  (3)Mumbai Day 1  (4)Mumbai Day 1  (5)Mumbai Day 1  (6)Mumbai Day 1  (7)Mumbai Day 1  (8)Mumbai Day 1  (9)Mumbai Day 1  (10)Mumbai Day 1  (11)Mumbai Day 1  (12)Mumbai Day 1

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2 Responses to Mar 28th, Mumbai India

  1. Diane says:

    Yep I’m one of your readers and I always love your blogs, photos and I thank you again for taking us on your World cruise. Thanks Brad, I love to share and show your pictures to my family especially the kids.

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