Mar 8th, At sea, Neptune and Knitting

A very busy day at sea today and many of the passengers were exhausted from all the activity:

CIMG0840 (1280x853)

I have posted about the knitting group in past blogs, but this years knitting primary organizer (Arna) is disembarking in Hong Kong and the Captain wanted to blog about their success. FYI they managed to knit 41 blankets and almost as many hats for Project Linus. Knitting will continue without Arna and David has agreed to take over the blankets for Project Linus.

DSC_0076 (1280x850)DSC_0077 (1280x850)DSC_0005 (1280x850)DSC_0007 (1280x850)DSC_0079 (1280x850)DSC_0084 Stitch 3 (1280x359)

The other activity for the day was the Crossing the Equator Ceremony. We were visited by King Neptune and his Court to induct those first timers who want to cross they equator and know they must honor the great sea god Neptune to do so safely:

DSC_0008 (1280x850)DSC_0012 (1280x850)DSC_0029 (1280x850)DSC_0032 (1280x850)DSC_0034 (1280x850)DSC_0041 (1280x850)DSC_0043 (1280x850)DSC_0046 (1280x850)DSC_0047 (1280x850)DSC_0051 (1280x850)DSC_0054 (1280x850)DSC_0062 (1280x850)DSC_0065 (1280x850)DSC_0066 (1280x850)DSC_0067 (1280x850)DSC_0068 (1280x850)DSC_0069 (1280x850)DSC_0070 (1280x850)DSC_0071 (1280x850)DSC_0072 (1280x850)

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2 Responses to Mar 8th, At sea, Neptune and Knitting

  1. Holly says:

    Reading along for the past couple of months has almost convinced me I need to learn to like and enjoy wines. Especially if there is also a Diet Pepsi bottled version. :o)

  2. Ellie Matthew says:

    Tell Gloria everything looks lovely. It is very generous of her to spend so much time on this, and fortunate that it is also something she enjoys doing so much! Great job!

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