Mar 4th, Great Barrier Reef

We have completed our sailing of the Great Barrier Reef and to be a little different I thought I would post pictures of my last Scuba Dive on the World Largest reef system and a few from above the reef.

Me next to Harvey:

Feb 19th Cairns Great Barrier Reef 003

Other pictures I thought you might enjoy:

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3 Responses to Mar 4th, Great Barrier Reef

  1. xoxomheg says:

    Wow! This is so wonderful!!! I want to scuba dive, too! It’s in my bucket list. But right now I’m into snorkeling first. I love the underwater! I actually feel like I belong to the sea. Haha! I have underwater photos, too!

  2. Sandra Lehto says:

    Wow, I am truly enjoying your [ictures and am living vicariously through you and Gloria……
    Sandy Lehto

  3. Holly says:


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