Mar 2nd, at sea

Today I thought I would share photos I purchased of many of the animals that make Cairns and the area around her, so popular:

gbr 001 (1280x810)gbr 002 (1280x823)gbr 003 (1280x783)gbr 004 (1280x783)gbr 005 (1280x798)gbr 006 (1280x798)gbr 007 (1280x783)gbr 008 (1280x800)gbr 009 (1280x811)gbr 010 (1280x807)gbr 011 (1280x807)gbr 012 (1280x783)gbr 013 (1280x815)gbr 014 (1280x816)gbr 015 (1280x800)gbr 016 (1280x804)gbr 017 (1280x800)gbr 018 (1280x931)gbr 019 (1280x731)gbr 020 (1280x842)gbr 021 (1280x827)gbr 022 (1280x803)gbr 023 (1280x799)gbr 024 (1280x813)gbr 025 (1280x704)gbr 026 (1280x803)

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Cruising my retirement!
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2 Responses to Mar 2nd, at sea

  1. June says:

    Thanks for the lovely pictures. I looked at the pictures first before reading first. I was thinking wow, Brad, got the shots of a lifetime. Loved all the photos.


  2. Holly says:

    What a variety you’ve seen so far. I can’t wait to see what you’ll see the 2nd 1/2 of the cruise1

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