Feb 27th, At sea

A very nice day at sea and many spent the afternoon watching the Oscars, we did a little and were amazed at the number of films up for best picture we had not even heard of let alone seen. We are into day 52 and that means we are 4 days from our half way point. I thought I would remind you all what a day on the ship looks like by sharing the daily schedule (the Explorer).

Front Page:

Explorer 001 (984x1280)

Page 2

Explorer 002 (983x1280)

Page 3

Explorer 003 (982x1280)

Back Page

Explorer 004 (966x1280)

The other day I promised to share a picture of the lunch we enjoyed with the captain (seated in front of me) and his wife Karen (on my left), also in the picture far left is the director of the Mariner Program and Sally head of sales for HAL of course Linda and Stein Kruse (next to Karen) and our fellow mariners :

Brad and Gloria Lunch 001 (1280x982)

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1 Response to Feb 27th, At sea

  1. Holly says:

    Can you sign me up for the photo editing classes please. My new laptop has that program and I’d love some direction!

    As always, thanks for posting the things that you do. I like all the learning about what goes on daily.

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