Feb 24th, Mariner Lunch

Highest honor yet. O.K. we have been to luncheons in the past to honor those people that have cruised more then others. Today we were invited to a luncheon and according to Stein Kruse this luncheon was for passengers with over 500 days. We were sat with the captain and his lovely wife. A position of honor for sure and we were delighted. They are a wonderful couple.

Stein Kruse, President and CEO of HAL welcoming us all:

CIMG0583 (1280x853)

Gloria next to the Captain Jonathan Mercer:

CIMG0584 (1280x853)

Karen Mercer the Captains wife:

CIMG0585 (1280x853)

1st course Terrine of Lobster

CIMG0586 (1280x853)

Great Cabernet Sauvignon, from Wolf Bass Yellow Label if South Australia.

CIMG0588 (853x1280)CIMG0590 (853x1280)

Sterling of Beef:

CIMG0589 (1280x853)

Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse:

CIMG0593 (1280x853)

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