Feb 22nd, at sea, day 47

Wow we are one week from our half way point, yesterday the CEO, Stein Kruse gave us these stats:

We have travelled 17,439 of 37,086 nautical miles, nearly half.

We have been on 3 of 4 Oceans, we will be on the fourth soon.

We’ve been to 3 of 7 continents, we will stop at all 7 continents.

We have been to 14 of 37 ports of call, we have great ports to look forward to.

We have had 14 clock changes of 36, and we lost a day.

HLM_9825 (1280x846)

Stein Kruse, President and CEO,

Holland America Cruise Lines

HLM_9839 (1280x850)

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1 Response to Feb 22nd, at sea, day 47

  1. Holly says:

    He looks frightened. Is he about to tell you all that the internet is down for the remainder of the cruise?

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