Feb 16th, Papeete, Tatiti

What a great day in Papeete. Morning walk to the local market and the afternoon spent with friends at the Le Meridian Resort.

CIMG0311 Stitch (1280x484)CIMG0314 Stitch (1280x576)CIMG0315 (1280x960)CIMG0316 (1280x960)CIMG0318 (928x1280)CIMG0319 (960x1280)CIMG0322 (1280x960)CIMG0323 (1280x960)CIMG0324 (960x1280)CIMG0325 (1280x960)CIMG0328 (1280x960)CIMG0329 (1280x960)CIMG0330 (1280x960)CIMG0331 (1280x960)CIMG0332 (1280x960)CIMG0345 (1280x960)CIMG0363 (1280x960)CIMG0364 (1280x960)CIMG0366 (1280x960)CIMG0367 (1280x960)CIMG0370 (1280x960)CIMG0372 (1280x960)CIMG0373 (1280x960)CIMG0374 (1280x960)CIMG0377 (1280x960)DSC_0017 (1280x844)DSC_0022 (1280x850)CIMG0392 (1280x960)

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1 Response to Feb 16th, Papeete, Tatiti

  1. Ellie Matthew says:

    Your first and last pictures are great. Love all the flowers!

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