Feb 15th, French Night

It was French Night and we had dinner with two Auzzie couples we had met early in the cruise. You might recall we told you about Alison and Laurie on the 2nd day of the cruise, they find Gloria and hand delivered Darrell Lea Licorice to her. Then there was Colin and Elaine Rose, we met them at breakfast soon after Buenos Aires. Kim the Pinnacle Grill manager met us at the door with Berets.

CIMG0288 (1280x960)

Alison and Laurie (left) and Colin and Elaine (right)

CIMG0289 (1280x960)CIMG0290 (1280x960)

Our French Wines on displayed.

CIMG0285 (960x1280)

Our table:

CIMG0286 (1280x960)

Dinner Menu:

CIMG0305 (1280x1025)

Before we started we received a nice note from the Captain:

CIMG0307 (1280x967)

Truffled Lobster

CIMG0294 (1280x960)

Beef Bourguignon:

CIMG0295 (1280x960)


CIMG0296 (1280x960)

Table visitors:

Ivana she does Gloria nails in the spa.

CIMG0298 (1280x960)

And Violeta does Gloria’s hair in the spa.

CIMG0300 (1280x960)

Lastly our table and mates:

CIMG0291 (1280x960)

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2 Responses to Feb 15th, French Night

  1. Holly says:

    YUM! Thanks for taking us along for this fantastic feast.

  2. Ellie Matthew says:

    Everyone looks like they are having a good time – and oh so french!

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