Feb 13th, Very Grateful for Easter Island

I mentioned the other day we had made it to Easter Island. What I did not mention was how thankful we all were to Captain Jonathan Mercer, who made the decision to tender into a port that was marginal at best. The crew performed at their peak to get us on and off the Island, at what I considered great risk to their selves.  At times a few passengers and crew had to wait, both on the ship or shore to get one direction or the other. But in the end the only real sufferer was poor Tender Number 9. She was the first to go ashore and took most of the battering for us all day long. Providing a platform to have a some what stable area to get to land. See her damage after a full day of mother natures punishment:

HLM_9545 (1280x850)

When they say a tender will float even when damaged, they mean it. In the end Tenders and not that tender after all.

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