Feb 4th, Punta Arenas

Well here we are in Punta Arenas and it appears we will sit for at least one extra day. Punta Arenas

Brad Elliott

The Captain announced we would not be venturing out into the Pacific any time soon, as the weather forecast for the near future is for 50’ seas. We all appreciate his caution in light of recent events at sea. None the less it was a cold and rainy day today, but we did make it into Punta Arenas for a photo or two:

Seas when we tendered were choppy at best:

CIMG0252 (1280x960)

A rainbow before the rain came down.

CIMG0260 (1280x960)

Friends on the tender coming in:

Jeff CIMG0247 (1280x960)Erika CIMG0248 (1280x944)

Ships Photographer: CIMG0263 (1280x960)

Around town:

CIMG0266 (1280x960)CIMG0265 (943x1280)CIMG0269 (960x1280)CIMG0268 (1280x960)CIMG0267 (960x1280)CIMG0270 (960x1280)CIMG0271 (960x1280)CIMG0273 (1085x1280)


What most people do when here is go to Otway to see the Penguins:

Punta Arenas (28) (1280x960)Punta Arenas 2 (40) (1280x960)Punta Arenas 2 (76) (1280x850)Punta Arenas 2 (100) (1280x850)Punta Arenas 2 (172) (1280x850)

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