Feb 3rd, Ushuaia, Beagle Channel & Tierra del Fuego

Today we started on a walk toward town, in a light rain . We were on a mission t0 purchase yarn (Lana) and mission accomplished. We returned with over $200 worth. Gloria and Jan had offered to mule the yarn back to the ship for several lovely ladies. For those of you new to this blog this was our 3rd season in a row to Ushuaia. It is still beautiful, a town they call Worlds End, located at the tip of Argentina, and right at the base of Tierra del Fuego National Park:

HLM_9289 (1280x358)

CIMG0237 (1280x960)

HLM_9290 (1280x848)

More Penguins:

HLM_9294 (1280x850)

Flowers are always beautiful here:

CIMG0226 (1280x960)CIMG0227 (1280x960)CIMG0228 (1280x960)CIMG0230 (1280x960)CIMG0234 (1280x960)CIMG0235 (960x1280)

The big story for today, is my purchase of a hat for $20.00. Why you ask is this such a big story. Last year the same hat went at auction for $800 dollars. To understand this story I must explain a simple fact. Did you know that in all the time since its discovery, Antarctica has been visited by less than 300,000 people and of that number fewer then 1,000 have this hat. Today I was able to purchase it for $20.00. And here is a picture:

CIMG0245 (1280x960)CIMG0244 (1280x960)

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2 Responses to Feb 3rd, Ushuaia, Beagle Channel & Tierra del Fuego

  1. Holly says:

    What GREAT purchases you all made today! But I do have to wonder, will you frame the hat?

  2. Ellie Matthew says:

    What a cool hat – surprises me that they have such lovely flowers way down there. Besides the flowers, my favorite photo is the third one. Hope your weather/sailing situation improves.

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