Feb 1st, Palmer Station

Today we were visited by Scientist from Palmer Station. And to our pleasant surprise 3 of them are staying onboard to Punta Arenas. The view around Palmer Station:

HLM_9078 (1024x680)HLM_9080 (1024x680)HLM_9269 (1024x675)HLM_9279 (1024x675)HLM_9281 (1024x674)

When you think of someone that would willing go to the most remote, coldest part of the world to work, do you think they would look like these people:

HLM_9254 (1024x680)HLM_9255 (1024x680)HLM_9256 (1024x680)HLM_9259 (1024x680)HLM_9261 (1024x643)HLM_9263 (1024x666)HLM_9267 (1024x665)HLM_9268 (1024x664)

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