Jan 28th, Port Stanley

What a great day, the weather was good and the penguins were many:

King Penguins in the background:

DSC_0276 (1280x850)

Kings up Close:

DSC_0267 (1280x850)HLM_8312 (1280x850)HLM_8355 (1280x850)HLM_8394 (1280x812)

Jack Ass Penguins:

DSC_0277 (1280x849)

Gentoo Penguins:

DSC_0295 (1280x841)

Port Stanley:

HLM_8559 (1280x834)HLM_8564 (1280x847)HLM_8574 (1280x849)HLM_8578 (1280x830)HLM_8579 (1280x827)HLM_8580 (1280x850)HLM_8583 (1280x817)HLM_8584 (1280x850)HLM_8586 (1280x827)HLM_8587 (1280x813)

Friends (Erika Left and Carol Right):

DSC_0125 (1280x847)DSC_0296 (1280x837)

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3 Responses to Jan 28th, Port Stanley

  1. Holly says:

    Really there are JackAss penguins? I just may have to Google that. heheheee

    Interesting pic with the Minefield danger sign. I’d would certainly take the looooooooooong way around that area. Looks like you guys had a great day for sure. :o)

  2. kathryn Frank says:

    Your hat almost makes you look like a Penguin chick.

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