Jan 27th, Premium Wine Tasting

The highlight of today was the Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather), number Two of Glory Seven wine producers. All five of the wines served today were great:

DSC_0001 (1024x664)DSC_0002 (1024x635)DSC_0006 (1024x680)DSC_0009 (1024x663)DSC_0015 (657x1024)DSC_0007 (1024x646)DSC_0017 (572x1024)DSC_0008 (1024x657)DSC_0019 (628x1024)DSC_0010 (644x1024)DSC_0021 (617x1024)

Not sure if this will be the most expensive wine we will have during the Seven Wine tastings, this Francis Ford Coppola Rubicon at $160 per bottle was great.

DSC_0013 (1024x680)DSC_0022 (680x1024)

Ingo the ships Cellar Master:

DSC_0014 (1024x653)

For those of you Cruise Critics that have been following “Legally Blonde” I present the tee shirt she wore today, although very cute, and even if the tee shirt fit, I can not say the saying did. She is charming.

DSC_0024 (1024x680)

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