Jan 26th, At sea

A day at sea, with presentations and real life sea creatures. Morning was spent at two presentations, the first one on Stanley our next port of call and the second on Antarctic sea life. The fist was very exciting as penguins are in Port Stanley and assuming we make it to shore there. I have a tour to see King Penguins and I am looking forward to that.

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And then after lunch I spent a couple of hours looking for sea life. Not as lucky as I have been in the past but I got a couple of shots you might find interesting:

Just a lone shark:

Sea Views (3) (1024x682)Sea Views (17) (1024x678)

The reason bigger fish die at sea. Nets lost at sea capture sea weed and sooner or later bigger fish will get tangled up in the netting and will surely die.

Sea Views (11) (1024x681)

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