Jan 25th, Montevideo Uruguay

Another day, another country, Uruguay. Like many ports in South America we have been here and done the normal tours. So off on foot we went in the port area and the Mercado del Puerto (The Port Market). Famous for its many grilled meat cafes:

Montevideo  (22) (1280x850)Montevideo  (42) (1280x850)Montevideo  (43) (1280x850)Montevideo  (44) (1280x850)Montevideo  (45) (1280x850)

Street vendors display the fruits and vegetables with simple style:

Montevideo  (23) (1280x850)Montevideo  (24) (1280x850)Montevideo  (25) (850x1280)Montevideo  (29) (850x1280)Montevideo  (27) (850x1280)Montevideo  (26) (1280x850)Montevideo  (28) (1280x850)Montevideo  (30) (1280x850)Montevideo  (31) (1280x850)

The port is easy to walk in and out of and lots to see on the way:

Montevideo  (5) (1280x850)Montevideo  (6) (1280x850)Montevideo  (11) (1280x850)Montevideo  (12) (1280x850)Montevideo  (13) (1280x850)Montevideo  (14) (1280x850)Montevideo  (15) (1280x850)Montevideo  (16) (850x1280)Montevideo  (17) (850x1280)

Just passed the Mercado the local street is alive with wonderful and different views:

Montevideo  (1) (1280x826)Montevideo  (3) (1280x814)Montevideo  (2) (830x1280)Montevideo  (4) (822x1280)Montevideo  (21) (850x1280)Montevideo  (7) (1280x850)Montevideo  (18) (1280x850)Montevideo  (37) (850x1280)Montevideo  (34) (850x1280)Montevideo  (38) (850x1280)Montevideo  (36) (1280x850)Montevideo  (33) (1280x850)

But the clear hit is the local Grills:

Montevideo  (41) Stitch (1280x480)

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6 Responses to Jan 25th, Montevideo Uruguay

  1. Holly says:

    Once again you’ve made me hungry with all the food pics! Glad we don’t have smell-a-vision or I might just have to take a bite out of my monitor. My favorite pic is not of food however, I love the kid filling the water jug. :o)

  2. Ellie Matthew says:

    Love the doors, old buildings and market scenes.

  3. kathryn Frank says:

    Another pair of great front doors.

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