Jan 21st, Le Cirque

On the 18th I told you I would post pictures from our evening at Le Cirque. Erika was kind enough to give me her photos so here for your enjoyment are the pictures of an evening at Le Cirque:

DSC_0019 (1280x827)

They Pinnacle Grill staff works their magic and transforms the Pinnacle into Le Cirque, signage, bread plates and chargers, even changing the drapes for the evening.

Le Cirque  (7)Le Cirque  (21)

All dinners in the Pinnacle start with a “muse”.  It is always a surprise what the chef has prepared that evening.  A “muse” is to amuse your mouth they tell us.

iLe Cirque  (22)

The famed Lobster Salad, with a perfect blend of potato, tomato, green beans, avocado, grapefruit, bib lettuce and of course a generous piece of lobster makes one’s mouth water even just writing about it.Le Cirque  (24)

The next two pictures are the Butternut Squash and Huckleberry soup. Clearly a favorite at our table that evening. The presentation, aromas and flavor all combine to make this course a clear winner. You are first presented with a beautiful bowl of Huckleberries with a dollop of sour cream:Le Cirque  (25)

Then the piping hot Butternut Soup is poured from cast iron pots around the Huckleberry Island:Le Cirque  (28)

For those that preferred the alternative was a Chilled Yogurt and Mellon with ShrimpLe Cirque  (26)

Of course, the Chateaubriand is presented and carved table side.  This is perfectly cooked to order and you can cut it with a fork.

Le Cirque  (32)Le Cirque  (37)

Shown below is the Rack of Lamb, and oh so good

Le Cirque  (36)

Pictured below is the Chicken Under a Brick, although not served under a brick its name refers to the method of preparation:Le Cirque  (33)

Last but not least is the Seared Alaskan Black Cod:Le Cirque  (34)

And as if I have thrown all your diets into the wind, I present you the Desserts:

Le Cirque  (38)Le Cirque  (42)Le Cirque  (40)Le Cirque  (43)Le Cirque  (41)Le Cirque  (39)

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2 Responses to Jan 21st, Le Cirque

  1. Holly says:

    I so enjoyed gaining 10 pounds by looking at the pics and reading your blog! What a wonderful meal you shared! TY

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