Maui, Lahaina, Hawaii

Today is our last port in Hawaii, and my last blog page for the trip. Although we have 4 days at sea coming up I am sure there will be little to tell or show. So my friends, my next blog will be Dec. 2nd or 3rd when I will share my tour with Chef George Geary, followed by my Panama Canal Cruise. Until then enjoy these photos of Maui:

Maui  (19) Stitch (800x246)

Boy that is one big Banyon Tree:

Maui  (6) (800x531)Maui  (7) (800x531)Maui  (20) (800x531)Maui  (31) (800x531)Maui  (30) (531x800)Maui  (44) (800x531)Maui  (49) (800x523)Maui  (48) (800x496)Maui  (10) (800x532)Maui  (25) (800x531)Maui  (26) (800x531)Maui  (50) (800x515)Maui  (27) (800x532)Maui  (54) (800x531)Maui  (29) (800x529)Maui  (51) (800x531)

Maui  (33) (531x800)Maui  (34) (349x800)Maui  (35) (531x800)Maui  (37) (800x531)Maui  (38) (800x531)Maui  (39) (800x531)Maui  (40) (531x800)

Maui  (32) (531x800)Maui  (42) (531x800)Maui  (43) (531x800)Maui  (45) (531x800)Maui  (46) (531x800)Maui  (47) (531x800)Maui  (2) (800x531)

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