Hilo Hawaii, Hawaiian Culinary Home Tour

Today we took a Culinary Home Tour with Ann Sutherland. The tour stopped at three homes for a progressive Brunch. Here are a few shots entering the Harbor before the tour:

Hilo  (15) (800x356)Hilo  (16) (531x800)Hilo  (17) (800x530)Hilo  (18) (800x531)Hilo  (22) (800x531)Hilo  (28) (800x531)

The tour was amazing the three house were and combination of new and old Hawaii. The first house it was about the views,

Hilo  (4) (800x531)Hilo  (5) (800x531)

we were served Kona coffee, with fresh unsweetened whipped cream, Baileys:

Hilo  (6) (800x531)

Then we had fresh Guava Juice, a Pineapple Boats, Portuguese Sausage Palmiers, Cappuccino Bread, Bannana Macadamia Nut Bread and Taro Malasada.

Hilo  (6) (800x531)Hilo  (7) (800x531)Hilo  (8) (800x531)Hilo  (9) (800x531)Hilo  (10) (800x531)

The 2nd house was more old Hawaii thought to be the oldest house in Hilo:

Hilo  (65) (800x531)

There we were served Mango Gazpacho, Guacamole, Tropical Fruit Salsa, Taro and Sweet Potato Chips and Passion Fruit Ice Tea:

Hilo  (58) (800x531)Hilo  (61) (800x531)

This house had coffee beans, Coca, Vanilla Beans and some very beautiful flowers:

Hilo  (64) (800x531)Hilo  (74) (800x531)Hilo  (75) (531x800)Hilo  (76) (800x531)Hilo  (77) (531x800)Hilo  (78) (531x800)Hilo  (79) (800x531)Hilo  (14) (800x531)Hilo  (81) (800x531)

The last house was another very old Hawaiian style house that was restored and is now a B&B.

Hilo  (41) (800x531)

There we were served, Chicken Macadamia Nut Salad stuff in Papaya, Lomi Salmon stuffed in Avocado, Organic Greens with Wonton and Sesame Dressing with Pineapple and Shrimp.

Hilo  (37) (800x616)

And then for Dessert we had Pass Fruit Cheesecake, Passion Fruit Mousse and Macadamia Nut Pie.

Hilo  (31) (800x501)

The ground around this house were beautiful:

Hilo  (30) (531x800)Hilo  (32) (800x533)Hilo  (39) (800x527)Hilo  (43) (531x800)Hilo  (45) (800x531)Hilo  (46) (800x531)Hilo  (47) (800x531)Hilo  (48) (800x531)Hilo  (49) (800x531)

The name of the company is:

Hilo  (29) (800x531)

They can be booked by emailing pineapplepatty@gmail.com, http://www.hometourshawaii.com/reservations.html or calling 808 325-5772. During the tour these are a few of the things you might also see:

Hilo  (50) (800x531)Hilo  (51) (800x531)Hilo  (53) (800x531)Hilo  (54) (800x531)Hilo  (56) (800x507)

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3 Responses to Hilo Hawaii, Hawaiian Culinary Home Tour

  1. Bobbie Doeringer says:

    Great Job, Brad. I enjoyed the tour through you lens. Thank you very much for sharing with us.

  2. June says:

    Awesome way to taste the foods of the island and to see how they live. I loved the flowers!!

  3. Sandra Rowan says:

    Took the tour today 3/22/12. It was wonderful!!! The food was amazing served in generous portions, and the Chef and her entourage/friends were delightful!! Could not have been more welcoming or hospitable!!! Be sure and have Chef Ann tell you stories of her very active 90 yr plus mother. You must hear the stories of Chef Ann’s experiences during her time as chef with the Kennedy family in both Virginia and Hyannisport. Jacqueline was already Mrs Onassis, but her kindness and grace could notebook compare to other family members. 5i

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