Grand Canyon Day 2

Our second day here at the Grand Canyon was as amazing as yesterday.

DSC_0012 (640x425)DSC_0056 (640x411)DSC_0062 (640x425)DSC_0084 (640x416)DSC_0095 (640x425)DSC_0098 Stitch (640x367)DSC_0107 Stitch (640x197)DSC_0111 (640x415)DSC_0153 (640x425)DSC_0166 (640x424)DSC_0200 (640x425)DSC_0205 (640x421)DSC_0210 (640x425)DSC_0222 (640x425)DSC_0225 (640x425)DSC_0229 (640x415)DSC_0232 (640x425)DSC_0240 (640x416)DSC_0241 (640x417)DSC_0262 (640x408)DSC_0263 (640x407)DSC_0268 (640x424)DSC_0277 (640x408)DSC_0294 (425x640)DSC_0296 (640x425)DSC_0299 (640x425)DSC_0300 (640x425)DSC_0303 (640x425)DSC_0304 (640x415)DSC_0305 (425x640)DSC_0306 (640x399)DSC_0307 (640x425)

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